Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cleaning Out the Fridge Can Lead to DELICIOUSNESS!

We love our CSA (community supported agriculture) and the food challenges that it can lead to. Every two weeks we get a small box of yummy fresh organic fruits and veggies. This also means that every two weeks I need to clean out the fridge to make room for our new food. Yesterday we had apples and blackberries that needed to be used before they met a sad mushy wasteful ending... I hate throwing out food. It seriously hurts my frugal heart. (Side note: My iPhone just tried to autocorrect frugal to druggie... Thanks, iPhone. Thanks a lot!)

So the apples and blackberries needed a new purpose and I had just the idea! Last week I made homemade apple sauce. It's so easy! It's overwhelmingly delicious! So I figured I could make blackberry apple sauce, just as easily. I am so glad that I made this. I love it! Did I mention that it's easy? Don't believe me? Read on...

Homemade Applesauce (my EASY way)

  • Cut up apples pretty small, but don't work too hard at it. I cut off the skin and eat it as a yummy treat while I work. Sweet tasty fiber = bonus!
  • Put apples in saucepan (You are making appleSAUCE after all so it's the perfect time to use the saucepan for its special task!) and add some cinnamon. I eyeball this... maybe two tablespoons for six apples. 
  • You have apples chopped up with cinnamon on top and you add some water that will conduct the heat to cook everything through. The beauty of this is that you can make it with two leftover apples or a dozen... so start small with the water and cinnamon and keep an eye out and taste as you go... you'll find the right amount for you.
  • Then you simmer until the apples start to get mushy (30 minutes or so depending on the apple variety) and you can break them down to your desired level of mush. I like chunky sauce so I just push the apples against the side of the pan and mush up some of them along the way, but if you don't, you could use a potato masher or blend/ food process it after it cools down. If the apples you used didn't get you to the sweetness level you desire... don't worry you can add a touch of brown sugar while it's still warm and mix it up to taste.
  • To make this recipe work with berries. I just washed and threw in the berries. It was a lot of work... NOT! (I haven't used that line in quite awhile, fourteen-year-old me is pretty proud right now.)

We ate some of it warm on ice cream...

 and put the rest in jars to cool and store and snack on all week.

A yummy no sugar added easy peasy applesauce recipe... You're welcome!

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