Friday, June 26, 2015

Yes! Yes! Hell To The Yes!

This morning I cried tears of relief as my precious child slept unknowing beside me. This girl will not remember a time that the law didn't protect her right to marry the one she loves with no restrictions on race or gender. She will grow up knowing that love is love. She will wonder how it was ever a question. She will love and be loved. Today I wept because this world is complicated and imperfect and as a parent I am often worried about how to effectively explain sadness, bigotry, and hatred to my children, but today I have one delightful thing to celebrate, one truth to stand in. Today love is love and that is the law of the land.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

That magic moment...

That precious moment when you find yourself sitting in bed with spit up on your shoulder, a stack of used diapers to your side, sleeping dogs at your feet, and a sleeping baby on your lap... and it hits you in a really profound way that this moment right now is magical and should be treasured and remembered. This moment is worth the third diaper change that immediately followed the second, which immediately followed the first. This moment is worth the 3:00 am wakeup to take a sweet dog with an upset tummy out to go poop. This moment and all of the moments before and since are worth it all. This life of being needed by a four month old is not for the weak... But it's also not as hard as it can be made out to be. If I take each moment and slow down enough to recognize the magic in it... the divinity available for me to soak up... well then it's easier. It's easier in that it's worth all of the work... not in that it's "easy." Being a parent is a lot of unglamorous work... but it's more pure magic than work if you take the time to see it.

** Immediately after posting this: My daughter woke herself up pooping. Glamorous magic, I tell you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Party of Two

I'm getting a little bit emotional about our little family gaining an addition in a few more weeks. We are making an effort to soak up our time together as a couple before we are a party of three. Tonight was date night and it was perfect.

We had dinner at the Linkery and then dessert at Heaven Sent Desserts after a walk (or a waddle for me) around the neighborhood. I love time with my handsome husband. We're getting near the end of time for just the two of us that doesn't involve a babysitter. I can hardly believe that we are five weeks away from Baby Bean's due date... We are looking forward to becoming a party of three, but I'm going to miss our sweet time as a party of two.

I'm thankful for yummy tres leches and Mexican hot cocoa with my favorite man!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Friends - We Need Them

Congratulations to my dear friend, and former roomie, Mandy who welcomed sweet Audrey to the outside world this weekend!

"Every child begins the world again…" - Henry David Thoreau

Holding precious Audrey this week I couldn't help but think about the miracle that a new life is... the miracle that pregnancy is. I am so blessed to be able to carry this child, to know it from its first flutter of life. I may not have this same experience for all of our children. Another woman (or women) somewhere else may carry some of my children, may know their first flutters and sacrifice to provide for their growth and safety. I think of the other woman (or women) who may give my child(ren) the generous gift of life often during this pregnancy and am so thankful for them. I am surrounded by wonderful friends to share this experience with and blessed with a supportive partner and loving family... I wish the same for my future babies' mommas. I hope for them to have, at the very least, one true friend to share their dreams and fears with along the way. Pregnancy is not an easy ride and I am glad to have some "sisters" on the journey with me this time around. :-)

It's been so fun to share being pregnant with my darling Jayma even though we live hundreds of miles apart.

“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.” - Francois de La Rochefoucauld 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Long Time, No Type

It's been awhile interwebs... it's been a long, long while.

The last time I posted, we thought I was pregnant, but didn't know for sure. Now, I am pretty sure that I'm pregnant or a very patient and kind alien hostess... or both.

There's been a lot to think about and a lot to process and not as much energy as there used to be. So I apologize for the time apart, but any personal writing that I've been doing lately has been letters to our sweet Baby Bean. Now that most of my work projects are wrapping up and I'm not spending my days on the couch trying not to barf my guts out (First trimester, you're kind of a b*tch.) I find that I have more time to sit and be still and think and write and prepare for this latest adventure.

We are beyond excited to meet this little booger of ours. We are eight weeks away from our due date and it is all starting to feel very imminent. In the first trimester, I thought I would be pregnant forever. Now I find myself wanting to both savor this limited time and to rush to the grand finale and meet Baby Bean Jaramillo face-to-face. Don't get me wrong, this whole knee-to-ribs or fist-to-bladder thing is working just fine for now, but I think face-to-face will be my favorite type of interaction.

I know that I've said it time and again, but it's worth repeating that I married the best man. He has been the most patient, kind, strong, engaged, and loving partner in this pregnancy. He has read and researched much more to prepare for our birth experience than I have. He is nesting much more productively than I am. (I tend to get distracted with a nap... or two!) Chris wants to feel every kick and be at every appointment. I can't wait to watch this baby grow up with such an amazing man as his/her father. I am beyond thankful to have him by my side for all that is ahead.

So internet, I'm back... for now. Jaramillo family updates will hopefully be back in your newsfeed on a semi-consistent basis.

Here's what you missed:
We're expecting a baby in August.
We've moved to a bigger apartment.
Baby and momma have flown to Austin (TX), Boulder (CO), Albuquerque (NM), Oakland (CA), and Seattle (WA) in our short time together... we're ready to sit at home and relax a little until the "big day."
Chris is starting graduate school in the fall.

We'll fill you in on more as soon as mom wakes up from her latest nap.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful - Day #30

Today we are thankful for Family Dinner Night and Pizza Port.

We love time with our family and are so thankful for cousins and aunts who visit and inspire the whole gang to gather together.

We LOVE Pizza Port. We love pizza. We love beer. It is the perfect place for both.

It is also the perfect place to hang out and catch up. We meet there every month with Melissa's former coworkers. (It's been almost two years since our office closed and we still love to spend time together!)

I thank you could safely call Pizza Port (any of their locations) our place!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful - Day #29

Today we are thankful for our in-unit washer and dryer.

We are thankful for the convenience that they offer us.
We are thankful for clean clothes and well fluffed towels.

We are thankful for the visitors that they bring over to our apartment to do laundry. 
(We're lookin' at you Kavanaghs! It's truly like our favorite thing.)

Chris is thankful to miss out on time with the craaaaazy Laundromat crowd.
Melissa kinda misses her people. 
(She's a sick one... She also loves to hang out at the DMV.)