Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go 49ers!

One of Chris and my first dates was to a Padres-Giants baseball game. Chris grew up in the Bay Area and I grew up in San Diego. We trash talked (aka flirted) for days beforehand about whose team was going to crush whose. Chris made a special trip before the game to buy himself a Giants hat to compete with my entire Padres themed outfit. I talked smack and looked great! We laughed a lot and held hands for the first time. He loved my sass. ;-) It was all lovely!

The Padres lost that night... But I made it clear to Chris that, no matter how hard he tried, I would always be a Padres fan. I grew up going to baseball games and I love the Padres in spite of themselves. I, however, have almost zero allegiance to the Chargers. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but they've never claimed my heart. So that night we made a deal: When it came to football, I would root for the 49ers and when it came to baseball, he would root for the Padres. It makes for a happy Jaramillo home front. :-)

This afternoon we cheered as a family for the 49ers. Congrats to the official football team of the Casa de Jaramillo! We're looking forward, with much hope, to a red and gold themed Super Bowl party at our place this year. ;-)

Here's to love, compromise, and football!

- Melissa

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  1. Sweet. (I was wondering when you would blog again.) June

    Not sure why Google is calling me mom, or how to change that, but you'll forgive me?