Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crafty Bridezilla = Failure

My new addiction is Pinterest and via this latest obsession of mine, I found this awesome "easy" craft that I wanted to do for the wedding.

Sooo cute. Right!??!! And so simple according to the blog that originally posted these sweeties.

Chris and I headed out on a date night to Walmart to buy some decorating supplies. I was so excited to use my new yarn in all of it's glorious colors...

I (literally) wrestled with the balloons for more time than I will confess in a public forum to get them all blown up and ready to coat in yarn. I diluted my glue and jumped right in...

It looked promising... until I lifted the balloon off the towel. The yarn slid right off. I am not a faint-hearted crafter so I tried again... and again, wrapping yarn around itself and trusting that once it dried, all would be well... The picture below is what I found in the morning.

It looks EXACTLY like the original! Right?!?

Turns out the yarn needed to be 100% cotton. Mine wasn't. I'm not in the mood to go buy more yarn... so I'll take a breather and use the yarn for something else. The dream of a crafty bridezilla might be slowly dying.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Come to our wedding!

We set up a group rate at a local hotel. It's a very convenient location and a pretty reasonable price. Check out the Out of Towners section of the blog for more details.

We are getting soooooo excited to have so many special people in our lives ALL TOGETHER for our wedding weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jaramillo Brewskies - The bottling has begun!

So the Honeymoon Hef has been doing it's magic in our official FIESTA brewing closet (formally known as the hall coat closet) for two weeks and it was ready to add some sugar to it and bottle it up.

We cleaned and sanitized the bottles. Note: My honey left some out of this stacking of bottles so that I would "get a better picture for the blog." We apparently needed a perfect square to be blog-worthy. I love him.

Then we filled 'em, capped 'em and they are doing some more magic boxed up on the shelf of the official FIESTA brewing closet... that closet is getting a lot of action!

All of the equipment was cleaned and drying... getting ready for the next day when we brewed Kenny's Kiltlifter, which is fermenting in the official wedding FIESTA brewing closet as I type this.

I'm pretty proud of us! I think we're gonna get all of this brewing done. :-)

BUT we need your help. We need your empty Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas bottles!!! We're already running out and we can't drink fast enough to keep up. Help!

Monday, July 4, 2011

We've Registered!

We prepared with notes...

and caffeine because we didn't want to see Bridezilla!

We got to use lasers.

We got free gifts! Macy's gave us a bag. Crate & Barrel gave us a vase. (The rest is stuff we bought for FIESTA decorations.)

We've registered. Check it out!