Monday, January 30, 2012

San Diego Super Sockers!

Another of Chris and my first dates was to a professional soccer game. We went to see Chivas USA vs. Chivas and for once we cheered together for the USA team (we figured they were the underdogs in that game). We had our first kiss that night... one of those perfect movie kisses after an evening of fun and laughter when he's walked you to your car and you're both hovering and not in any rush to be separated... and after the hug goodnight he goes in for the kiss that you've wished for for weeks. Yeah... it was THAT sweet and lovely. I love my hubby!

Casa de Jaramillo was built on a love of soccer and a love of fun. There isn't anything much more fun than live soccer! I grew up going to the San Diego Sockers' games down at the Sports Arena. There were a lot of mullets back then. We used to gather players' signatures and talk about them as if we 'knew' them.
I kind of wish these uniforms would come back... If the San Diego Sockers' Girls can wear skimpy outfits, so should the players!
So the Sockers are back after a little hiatus and they are playing at the Del Mar Arena. I would HIGHLY recommend going to a game. The tickets are CHEAP and the night is fun. I do have to warn you that they play a little dirty. Arena soccer seems to lend itself to quite a few elbows. It's kind of like soccer meets hockey... which is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
Below is a picture of the Sockers honoring former coach Ron Newman. He led the Sockers to ten championship seasons in just eleven seasons on the bench. 
Sometimes the crowd gets even rowdier than the players on the field. ;-) This is a picture of my sister and two nephews wrestling... probably a fight over the delicious kettle-corn that comes in giant bags.
After having so much fun at our first game... and since my latest obsession is staying up to obscene hours crocheting... we decided that we needed to support the team with custom beanies and scarves. I knew that Chris wasn't super likely to wear a scarf... so I started a beanie thinking, "Easy Peesy." Well it wasn't too tough, but it was pretty time consuming
Luckily my hubby seems pretty happy with my handiwork. He wears it every morning when he takes Rico out on his early morning walk.
So the beanie was complete and I managed two scarves (one for me and one for my mother, the Sockers fanatic) in time for our second game. I'm pretty proud of actually finishing some crocheting projects so I made the poor things pose for a photo shoot in the living room. They acted like it was a hassle, but I overheard the scarf bragging to my Kermit beanie that it was going to be featured on the blog... I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for some accessory infighting.

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  1. I love you so crack me up. I love your beanie and scarves.