Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pobrecito Poochador

The Rico Dog needed his choppers cleaned because we want a happy and healthy dog who lives for a VERY long time... I'm planning on him outlasting Chris and me. The vet recommended the full cleaning which required knocking Rico out. He was so precious and groggy when we picked him up. He kept whimpering and trying to keep both eyes open at the same time. He could manage one eye or the other but not quite both at the same time.
We got him home and had to keep him "quiet and contained"... I've never had a problem keeping Rico quiet, but contained is a whole other beast. We cuddled and tried to convince him that sleeping was a good idea. He agreed until he heard ANY sound and then he would whimper and cry and groggily try to find the source of the sound and then collapse again in my lap. His paranoia lasted the entire night. He would sleep for a few minutes and then wake and cry and then sleep again and then cry... all night. So I would like to publicly thank Rico for training us for our future newborn babies. I can honestly admit that I'm not ready for sleepless nights... It's rough. We are so thankful that the Rico Dog is doing well. He is, in fact, sleeping next to me right now. No nap for this doggy mommy, but I suppose that's part of the training program as well.

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