Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Sixth Monthiversary Cupid!

When I started getting back to the blog in the beginning of summer, I found this little leftover draft in my archives that had never been published. I figured we could celebrate the sixth monthiversary of Valentines' Day with some pictures of what my honey and I did to celebrate six months ago today.

I was in charge of breakfast and I made chocolate croissants and heart-shaped eggs and some fresh raspberries (his favorite).

The full breakfast display! (It's strange to see everything set up in the last place we lived... I miss having a separate dinning room, but LOVE where we are now.)

Chris was in charge of dinner and made me chili dogs and tater tots. His chili is delicious and he won the chili cook-off at work, so you know it's seriously good. (Love Note: He used his award-winning chili dogs and tots to woo me the first time he made me dinner on one of our first dates.)

Dessert! Cake Ice Cream Bites from Baskin Robbins. They were delicious, but way too rich for my blood. The mint one was edible, but the rest were designed for man with a true sweet tooth like my hubby. :-)

Happy-We're-Halfway-Back-To-The-Day-Of-Love-Day! Make sure to tell somebody you love them.

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