Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crafty Bridezilla = Failure

My new addiction is Pinterest and via this latest obsession of mine, I found this awesome "easy" craft that I wanted to do for the wedding.

Sooo cute. Right!??!! And so simple according to the blog that originally posted these sweeties.

Chris and I headed out on a date night to Walmart to buy some decorating supplies. I was so excited to use my new yarn in all of it's glorious colors...

I (literally) wrestled with the balloons for more time than I will confess in a public forum to get them all blown up and ready to coat in yarn. I diluted my glue and jumped right in...

It looked promising... until I lifted the balloon off the towel. The yarn slid right off. I am not a faint-hearted crafter so I tried again... and again, wrapping yarn around itself and trusting that once it dried, all would be well... The picture below is what I found in the morning.

It looks EXACTLY like the original! Right?!?

Turns out the yarn needed to be 100% cotton. Mine wasn't. I'm not in the mood to go buy more yarn... so I'll take a breather and use the yarn for something else. The dream of a crafty bridezilla might be slowly dying.


  1. oh damn. i was gonna try this with my class this year for chinese new year and then again for the stink's birthday (i know it's a year away). thanks for being my first trial and error... i'm sure i'll add to it. =) good luck on the retry, plus!

  2. I read on another blog that she tried this and also failed. So don't worry, it's not just you :-) Those sure are cute though!