Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jaramillo Brewskies - The bottling has begun!

So the Honeymoon Hef has been doing it's magic in our official FIESTA brewing closet (formally known as the hall coat closet) for two weeks and it was ready to add some sugar to it and bottle it up.

We cleaned and sanitized the bottles. Note: My honey left some out of this stacking of bottles so that I would "get a better picture for the blog." We apparently needed a perfect square to be blog-worthy. I love him.

Then we filled 'em, capped 'em and they are doing some more magic boxed up on the shelf of the official FIESTA brewing closet... that closet is getting a lot of action!

All of the equipment was cleaned and drying... getting ready for the next day when we brewed Kenny's Kiltlifter, which is fermenting in the official wedding FIESTA brewing closet as I type this.

I'm pretty proud of us! I think we're gonna get all of this brewing done. :-)

BUT we need your help. We need your empty Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas bottles!!! We're already running out and we can't drink fast enough to keep up. Help!

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