Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Iron Chef: The secret ingredient this week is leftovers!

We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year and we are loving Be Wise Ranch and all of the food they provide us with. It's been a challenge to use all of the new yummy fruits and veggies we get. Last week we had some cauliflower and routabega that we didn't get to. I cut them up and froze them so they wouldn't go bad. This week we decided that cauliflower would work with curry and the frozen chicken I already had in the freezer... So I decided to make up my own Chicken Curry slowcooker recipe.

- Two large chicken breasts
- Two(ish) cups chicken broth
- One head of cauliflower, chopped
- Five medium routabega, chopped (I used routabega because we had it, next time I would use potatoes because they tend to break down a bit more and would make it more "saucy" than this was.)
- Five medium carrots, chopped
- One cup steamed spinach (I always steam and then freeze spinach when it is near the end of its life... just for such emergencies as this.)
- Curry Seasoning (Feel free to be generous, I spilled WAY more than I intended to, and it wasn't very spicy, just had a hint of curry.)
- Thai Seasoning (I just added a bit to give it a little more dimension.)
- Salt and Pepper to taste.
- I also added some parsley just because I had it. I'm not sure it added anything special.

Then I threw it all in the slowcooker on low for eight hours. I stirred it a few times to break up the chicken.

I steamed some jasmine rice and we had dinner!

My honey said it was yummy. :-)

The recipe isn't perfect... BUT the whole point is just to try, right?

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