Thursday, June 21, 2012


The best shopping is shopping for kiddos! Children's clothing is so much more fun to shop for than grownup clothing... and since Chris won't let me dress up the Rico Dog... and since I am most definitely NOT with child... I'll just have to dress up other people's children.

Now that Andrew & Amy are home, I was able to get some clothing size details and go on a little shopping spree. This was the best use of my clothing budget of all time!* So today I got to go "fun shopping" along with my regular Target errands... I can't wait for these kids to wear their awesome new outfits!

I couldn't resist the books section... Hopefully Masha will have fun with her numbers and letters practice.

Sweet little Elijah will be adorable in his dinosaur gear! I seriously wish the yellow and grey outfit came in adult sizes... I would have gotten one for my hubby.

I know that Masha won't be home until almost fall... but the summer dresses were so fun and we live in Southern California. Right?

By far my favorite purchase were these awesome day of the week socks. Not only are they in the most fashionable of colors, but she can learn the days of the week!!! I knew that Amy's teacher's heart would appreciate them. :-)

Some of you may have noticed that these pictures were all taken in my car... it's normal to do photo shoots in the passenger seat of your car in the Target parking lot... Right?!? When you are ever so excited to deliver them and to see Amy and Andrew's sweet faces you just don't have time for a proper set up. I know that the kids won't wear them for a bit longer and there was no rush, but I wanted them to know that they would be ready with clothes as soon as they can get home. I don't know how they contain themselves at all... I'm chomping at the bit over here. Yay for families and adoption and shopping sprees for adorable kiddos and for LOVE!

(*The second best use of my clothing budget of all time was years ago when Amy & Paige had a clothing intervention with me and made me buy $200 worth of non-ugly clothes... They may have been  right... I may have needed their help.)

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