Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jaramillo Brewskies is open for business!

The brewing has begun...

We've decided that for the Wedding Fiesta we want to brew our own beer. We have A LOT of people to serve, so the brewing has to start early and happen often. Our first batch started two weeks ago and this weekend we get to start bottling. I'm excited to learn more about the process with my honey (he's kind of an expert!) and I'm super stoked to be able to give this gift to our family and friends. Beer #1 is Honeymoon Hefeweizen.

Here is a picture of us on a tour of a brewery on a trip to visit the Jaramillos in Colorado. It was my first brewing experience. Lesson #1: Safety first in the world of brewing!

My honey woke up extra early two Saturdays ago to start the brewing process. We had a house full of people (Yeah for family time with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces!) and he was quiet as a mouse. Here is my beau working hard on the first batch.

Today, after drinking a case of Sierra Nevada from Costco over the past month, I started with soaking the bottles to remove the labels. The key is to add OxiClean to the hot water. (A great tip from my love!) If anyone has extra Sierra Nevada bottles hanging around, we're happily taking donations!

Now the bottles are drying on our version of a Christmas tree! We'll fill them up with booze this weekend and then I have to start designing our labels and order them online. :-) This fiesta is going to be a blast!

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  1. I think this should be your official Christmas tree from now on!